Migrations Sponsorship


This process initially assesses the special skills, networks and aspirations of the Migrant. Then I search for potential Employers to whom the benefits of engaging this Employee outweighs the risks, costs and delays involved.

The process

  • Assess cv and all relevant documents such as suitability for meeting visa requirements, language skills etc
  • Interview Migrant, normally in person and sometimes on Skype, in depth to explore their special skills e.g. technical, business, commercial, industry sectors, languages.
  • Ascertain the networks they can access: family, personal, business, University etc
  • Ascertain their aspirations including business career, where they want to live and work and for how long, travel, family,
  • I research potential employers using my recruitment networks and social media.
  • I prepare a suitable report for the potential Employer and contact them to determine their initial interest. At the first contact I do not release a name or contact details to protect the confidentiality of the Migrant.
  • Once serious interest is expressed by the Employer I facilitate the provision of further information and set up phone and other communication links with the Migrant.
  • The job offer is made and accepted.